Index of Terms and People

  • Ashmole, Elias: English collector of curios who didn't write any of his own alchemical material, but did collect and edit a significant volume
  • Backhouse, William: Ashmole's mentor who translated at least three alchemical poems in the 1640s from French
  • von Helwig, Johann Otto: a German physician who wrote an alchemical treatise in the 1680s under an assumed name
    • alias Ali Puli; this is the name I most commonly use in this exhibit
  • Paracelsus: prominent sixteenth-century physician who made significant contributions to alchemy and medicine; best known for his toxicology and pharmaceutical work
  • Aristotle: Greek philosopher who created the theory of matter that influenced later alchemists
  • de Meun, Jean: medieval alchemist whose name was used by later writers
  • Cradock, Edward: Elizabethan writer and theologian who also practiced alchemy
  • Philosopher's Stone: stone that alchemists believed could purify things, turn metals into gold and heal people; was made of ideal mercury and sulphur
  • mercury-sulphur theory: theory that all metals were made of mercury and sulphur
  • four elements theory: theory that all matter was composed of the four classical elements earth, air, water and fire

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