Tamara Wallace is currently completing her BA Honours in History at the University of Victoria and she will be graduating in 2023. She is interested in the cultural, intellectual and legal history of early modern Europe.

This exhibit was funded by the Peter and Ana Lowens University of Victoria Libraries Special Collections Student Fellowship, which would not be possible without the generous support of Peter and Ana Lowens. I would like to thank Dr. Janelle Jenstad and Michael Lines for their supervision and support and Dr. Erin Kelly for assistance with paleography, transcription and handwriting dating. Additional thanks to Heather Dean, Associate Director of UVic’s Special Collections, for her support and guidance throughout the project. I would also like to acknowledge the work of Dr. Robert Schuler, UVic Professor Emeritus, whose work was incredibly helpful for this project. If you’re interested in reading more about alchemical poetry, I highly recommend his book Alchemical Poetry, 1575-1700: From Previously Unpublished Manuscripts which provides easy-to-read transcriptions and context for the poems.

And finally, thank you for taking the time to read this exhibit. I hope you enjoyed it.

Please direct any inquiries about this exhibit to tamarawallace@uvic.ca.

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